Water Damage Recovery Services

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Mold Remediation and Water Migration

Unlimited Resources, Incorporated

 offers a variety of mold remediation and water migration services. Call us to discuss your needs. Click on any picture below for a full size view. 

Reducing Reconstruction 
Our client pioneered structural drying. In the process, they have saved millions of dollars each year following water-damage disasters. No longer does a water disaster require old-fashioned 'rip  out and replace' methods of recovery. Our client  can dry wallboard, insulation, paneling, ceiling tiles, masonry block and 
concrete, wooden and metal studding, plaster walls and other structural components.Arresting Post-Disaster Problems 
A wide range of moisture related deterioration occurs after a building is water damaged.  Wood swells, buckles or begins to rot, sheet rock loses rigidity and strength, electrical wiring corrodes, metal components rust, paint peels, and more.  All of these effects can be arrested and many reversed by the prompt employment of deep drying techniques. 

Saving Building Contents 
Carpeting, wall coverings, furniture, draperies, and equipment often may be dried in place.  This saves replacement costs and eliminates the disruption caused by removal.

Saving Books, Documents and Files 
Water damaged books, documents, files, microfilm/microfiche, X-rays, blue prints, audio/visual tape and artwork can all be saved.  Often files can be dried in place, allowing access to records during the restoration process. 

Restoring Valuable Wood Floors  
Our client has restored more wood floors than any other company in the world.  Whether in gymnasiums, racquetball centers, department stores, theaters or homes, our clients proprietary techniques can literally reverse buckling, cupping, and swelling.  Floors with 10 inches 'waves' have been dried and gradually returned to their normal condition, saving tens of thousands of dollars. 

Inhibiting Biological Growth  
Studies have shown that buildings dried by our client immediately after river flooding have benefited significantly from a lower level of pathogenic growth.  Bacteria, mold, mildew and other allergens all prosper where dampness is allowed to exist for extended periods of time.  With today's concern for 'sick building syndrome' and indoor air quality, these services are an important ally in the healthful restoration of a building. 

Preserving Un-Flooded Areas  
Water soaked areas create an ambient high humidity which acts upon other undamaged areas and their contents.  Our client can prevent this by using a 'blanket of dry air' to seal off unaffected areas from those under recovery. 

If left unprotected, hygroscopic materials are affected quickly.  For example, books grow mold on their covers, woodwork swells and buckles and wall coverings mildew.  Electrical systems and electronic equipment suffer from corrosion.  Our client will work with you to protect the entire building, while restoring your flooded areas. 

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