Satellite Communications Systems

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Item Number:  SCS-Portable

Item Name:  Satellite Communication Systems

Item Description: 

Unlimited Resources has contracted to provide a complete line of satellite communication systems and equipment.  These products provide secure, resilient voice and data communications for event response and management. Designed to be both flexible and affordable, all resilient voice and data communications solutions can easily be setup in less than 20 minutes without the need of a specially trained IT person.The Core Product Line has been specifically designed to operate with any type of internet connection including Satellite and Cellular, and has also been designed to support any number of users that an organization is tasked with in a response.

This technology far outperforms any other type of satellite system because our software removes the traditional problems of satellite latency (delay) to enable superior voice quality and voice performance while incorporating a full function Private Branch Exchange (PBX).Using one of our systems, employees can conduct up to 20 simultaneous phone calls or more over a single satellite connection. Every call will have superior sound quality along with the availability of voice and data encryption.

Along with data services, incoming and outgoing voice calls are supported with a dedicated 1-800 # allowing calls to be received and made from anywhere in the world.  Our partner provides complete voice and data coverage to anywhere in the world even when there are no existing wires to plug in to!

These solutions meet all federal mandates prescribed by the Department of Homeland Security in their National Emergency Communications Plan, SAFECOM Program and SECURE program. Our partner's customers include Federal, State and Local Agencies, as well as Industrial, Educational and Fortune 500 companies.

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