Mobile Command Centers

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 Command Centers

A Mobile Command Center is a major decision for many EMS, Police, and Fire Departments.  Maximizing the capabilities of the unit while maintaining budget constraints presents the biggest challenge.  These units are designed to give your personnel the tools they need to respond quickly and efficiently.  An understanding for the need for multiple communication capabilities is built in.

With more sophisticated hardware and software on the market each year, designing and building a unit that will be able to integrate these technological advances has never been more important.  Having inter-agency capabilities through interoperability modules has become almost a necessity. 

These units are manufactured by the only company in the industry that custom designs and builds the interiors and the communications package.  They are experts at integrating your current communications with new systems such as interoperability Modules and Satellite Technology then designing the best, most cost effective system.  CAD systems are no problem for these units since they are installed a T-1 System as standard equipment.

These units vary in size from 27’ to 45’.  The communications level can be a simple Plug & Play to a sophisticated V-Sat and InMarsat system with bandwidth capabilities to 512 K baud rate.  With this kind of bandwidth video teleconferencing and high-resolution video transfer are no problem.  Interiors can be designed for multi-agency use or single use.  In other words, the command center you want will be built to your needs.  This manufacturing company works with your agency to offset costs by letting you be involved in providing equipment that you may already inventory.

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