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UNLIMITED RESOURCES serves as a conduit for time-critical tools and their successful delivery.  We specialize in uncommon goods for basic needs, emergency disaster relief and recovery, and other products that are essential to meeting your needs.   We are dedicated to providing unique products, resources, and services to federal, state, and local governments, public and private corporations, and agencies.

UNLIMITED RESOURCES represents a number of manufacturers, both large and small.   Many of the companies we represent were started with an original and creative concept that has been transformed into a functional product.

UNLIMITED RESOURCES is a service organization.  We are not only committed to meeting your needs, we are confident that we will introduce you to a new and exciting way to meet your requirements and reach your goals.

UNLIMITED RESOURCES is proud to offer a ONE-STOP resource for products that can meet your needs for today, tomorrow, and well into the 21st century.   With RESOURCES  that are virtually UNLIMITED, our ONE-STOP shopping approach will expedite your solutions. For Emergencies or More Information Call 1-888-340-8010  or write us at 

Unlimited Resources, Incorporated 

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

(904)-521-3634    or(904) 233-6888

Unlimited Resources, Incorporated

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